ALB Ingress controller status is always showing pending.


I am following AWS documentation to create an alb ingress controller in my cluster. I followed each and every step carefully but my ingress controller status is always showing pending I tried to see the logs with the command "kubectl logs --namespace kube-system $(kubectl get po --namespace kube-system | egrep -o [a-zA-Z0–9-]alb-ingress[a-zA-Z0–9-])" but it is not showing anything. Can someone help me to fix my issue. I am not using helm, I am following AWS CLI and Console option from the doc.


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Finally figured out the issue. I just looked into pods and found issue as "0/1 nodes are available: 1 Insufficient pods" and then in node-group, I used higher node type (t3.large) .

This link helped me to understand

And now I am able to run my ingress controller successfully and also the sample application I deployed from AWS documentation and it is working fine.. :)

answered 4 years ago

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