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Full Screen on Single Monitor Only (Dual Monitor Setup)


I did a search on the forums and on Google, but did not find an answer. But I have a question from my users for which I cannot find a way to achieve.

On a Windows 10 PC, with multiple monitors attached, there is an option in the Workspaces client application to "Enter full screen on all displays", but not for a single display. I have users that would like their workspace to be full screen on only one of their two displays. Is this possible via a config file or anything, since it's not an option via the menus or application settings?


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answered 2 years ago


I have a laptop with 2 monitors so 3 monitors overall. When I hit CTRL _ ALT _ ENTER, the Workspace goes to the 2 external monitors instead of just 1. Is there a way to just have the Workspace on 1 of the 2 external monitors?

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answered 2 years ago

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