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Amazon removed my instance during account suspension period in 7 days - how to recover?



When I open my account today I saw that Amazon deleted my ec2 instance but everything else like my security groups, elastic ip addresses and keys etc, all of the configurations were there. When I ask my lost ec2 instance to online support, the explanation by the support team was "resources can be deleted by amazon during suspension period".

My 1 month age account was put on hold since 9 September 2022 because of wrong address information. I was asked for documents related to account owner, and payment method so I provided all. The verification process took 7 days and I could verify myself at the and and I got my account reactivated today.

Well, I'm not aiming to blame anyone but I just want my instance back. I know somewhere underground there must be backup images of the whole systems that's normally inaccessible visually but only some allowed tech specialists may access. Is there anyone authorized to do this or to assist me on finding the correct person in charge?

Thanks in advance.

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Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this. You may find this guide explaining how to recreate or restore a terminated EC2 instance helpful:

I found this document as well:

Kind regards,

-Marc O.

answered 12 days ago

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