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do you have any Information on when AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery will support Ubuntu 22.04 LTS in the near Future? We got Production Critical On-Premise Linux Machines that need 2b replicated with AWS for Failovers. A lot of the Servers are Ubuntu 20.04 LTS that work like a charm wit h the Service, but the Main Servers won't. Would appreciate some update on this. Thanks in advance

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I understand you would like to know the timeline on when AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery will support Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. Please, let me know if my understanding is incorrect. We don’t have any visibility on the service roadmap except what is available on our documentation. [1]

So please make sure you monitor the official AWS site for service/feature launches.[2]

If you are really in need to find the timeline, another option you might want to explore is to open a support case with our AWS Support team. AWS support includes various tier that you can select from depending on your business needs. Your case will be directed to Elastic Disaster Recovery support engineer and they might be able to help you with that based on your business requirements. [3]

I hope this helps. If you need further info, let me know in the comments; otherwise I'd appreciate if you mark my answer as "accepted".

Kind regards, Rochak from AWS


[1] Elastic Disaster Recovery Supported Operating System

[2] AWS service feature announcements

[3] AWS Premium Support

answered a year ago

Thanks for your Suggestion,

so i opened a Support Case and asked for Advice/Help regarding my Case and the Answer was obviously "It isnt possible yet, cause it is not supported". Bummer... Curious if Azure will implement this faster and you lose Customers this Way. Anyways im back at Square 1 and have to look for other Possibilities.

answered a year ago

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