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Is it possible to use Yiiframework on lightsail?


Anyone know if it’s possible to use yiiframework on lghtsail LAMP stack?
Tbh, im pretty new both to lightsail and Yii, so i don’t really know that well of how they work just yet.

I got this particular php pages made using Yii and im trying to put it up on lightsail.

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Thank you for choosing Lightsail!

The LAMP7 stack image includes Yii composer out of the box. I was able to create their "basic" app by running

composer create-project --prefer-dist yiisoft/yii2-app-basic basic

in the htdocs folder. I was then able to access that app via "http://<publicip>/basic/web/index.php".

LAMP5 also has it installed. Both stacks have version 1.6 dated 2017-09-19 installed. I received a warning about the age of the install and sudo composer self-update worked to bring it up to v1.8.4.

I am not an expert on Yii, but I think that from what I learned the composer is not needed at runtime so all you would need to do is upload your project into the 'htdocs' folder and access the root of your application's website to view it.

I hope this helps!


PS: when I ran composer I also received warnings about not being able to write to a bitnami directory. The process proceeded successfully so I think those warnings can be ignored.

answered 4 years ago

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