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Error connection to the API!


Error connection to the API!
Too many requests, please try again. error Resource limit exceeded

I have been receiving this error for over 5 days. I contacted support on Monday and it is now Friday and with the exception of support asking me to try again not only does it still not work but now support apparently has stopped responding to the ticket.

I am trying to setup and test a end to end live stream using the AWS CloudFormation template and it keeps Rolling back because of this error.

Can anyone please tell me how to get this to work?

Thank you...

1 Answer

Hi team,

I am just going through this forum trying to find a solution to the same issue.

I currently do not have any channel created in MediaPackage. When i try to create my first channel, i am getting the error message - "Error connection to the API
Too many requests, please try again. error Resource limit exceeded"

Is there a fix for this issue?


answered 2 years ago

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