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Hello to everyone, I have 100GB disk in /home volume and how do I add 441gb disk to my home volume?Enter image description here

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This is a Linux specific question than AWS. Could just move home to the new volume?


Other option is increase the volume size that /home Is mounted on and then expand the partition in linux


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answered a year ago
  • I think the tecmint link will only work if /home is initially part of the root filesystem, from the lsblk output it looks like in the case here it's mounted on its own FS. Meaning that in step 6 you're going to have an extra step of unmounting the current /home, which is likely to fail because the user you're logged in as (ec2-user or ubuntu or whatever) is likely to have an open and active home directory within that mountpoint.

    The AWS link is the best way to go, get rid if the 441GB EBS volume and grow the 100GB volume up to 541GB.

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