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/HIVE_BAD_DATA: Not valid Parquet file:/

HIVE_BAD_DATA: Not valid Parquet file:


Hi Team, Me trying to build Cost and usage analysis using Glue & Athena. Referring While previewing the table facing following error:

HIVE_BAD_DATA: Not valid Parquet file: s3://aws-s3-access-inventory/NS/NS-AWS-CUR/20220201-20220301/20220221T114629Z/NS-AWS-CUR-Manifest.json expected magic number: PAR1 got: This query ran against the "cost" database, unless qualified by the query. Please post the error message on our forum or contact customer support with Query Id: 28d914a4-7640-4641-9c72-627d48cb02f0

The json file does exists in stated folder under bucket.

Please assist.

Regards, Nikhil Shah

1 Answers

I think those labs might be out of date. This one I know works:

answered a month ago
  • Hi Aaron, Thank you, will review the lab and confirm.

    Regards, Nikhil Shah

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