Password verification in a CUSTOM_AUTH flow, do you need to handle SRP yourself?


If I want to verify a username and password, AND go through the custom auth flow, would I need to implement SRP myself? i.e. generate SRP_A and calculate PASSWORD_CLAIM_SIGNATURE

Is there no way to bypass these SRP calculations / Is there no function to do these calculations for me?

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It's possible to use the SRP flow if you use it before dropping into the custom challenges. This blog shows the process specifically with Duo but you could replace the custom challenges with your own.

Thanks, Owen

answered 2 years ago
  • Oh, I'm trying to avoid SRP. I want to validate the users password/credentials and go through the CUSTOM_AUTH flow, but I don't want to have to work out SRP_A and PASSWORD_CLAIM_SIGNATURE

    So far it seems like SRP_A and PASSWORD_CLAIM_SIGNATURE are unavoidable if I want to validate username and passwords with CUSTOM_AUTH flow

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