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Should I create IAM role to allow AWS service send events to my default bus


I have setup an example with eventbridge: ec2 -> eventbridge -> sqs.

This example works well, but I didn't create IAM role for ec2, I wonder that does the EC2 need an IAM role to access my default bus or not?

2 Answers

For AWS Services, such as EC2, to publish events to your default event-bus, they do not need an IAM role. You get these AWS service events by default on your "default" event-bus - You do not need to do anything to receive them.

Please keep in mind, only AWS Services can do this on your default-event-bus. Other identities (users/roles), or other event-bus destinations require authentication to call the "PutEvents" EventBridge API.

Hope this helps!

answered 2 years ago

Got it, thanks

answered 2 years ago

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