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In AWS Quicksight, I have created a joined dataset and visualised, but unknowingly I have deleted the one of the data source. in the joined dataset, when I edit it, I tried to delete dataset or replace that with new dataset, after replacing the dataset and giving the relationship as before, I am unable to save and publish, its showing error like this action cant be performed. How can I remove this error?

  • I am trying to delete the join clause, but I cannot perform that action.

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You can follow the above links for your problem in your case maybe using AWS CLI works for you

AWS CLI commands to list your data sources and update the data source with a JSON file​

aws quicksight list-data-sources --aws-account-id <aws-account-id>
aws quicksight update-data-source --generate-cli-skeleton input > update-data-source.json
aws quicksight update-data-source --cli-input-json file://update-data-source.json

Use the AWS Quicksight CLI to programmatically deploy new and updated datasets and data sources. This requires the usage of create-data-source and create-data-set commands.

Describe the dataset and get the PhysicalTableMap JSON from the output, create an update_dataset.json and copy the PhysicalTableMap JSON from above steps. Update the DataSource Arn (with your new data source) in this JSON. Finally, update the DataSet using AWS CLI commands​

aws quicksight describe-data-set --aws-account-id <accountid> --data-set-id <datasetid>
aws quicksight update-data-set --aws-account-id <accountid> --data-set-id <datasetid> --name <DatasetName> --physical-table-map file://update_dataset.json --import-mode SPICE
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