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/Building from chrisgongs tutorials - CloudWatch Alarms Bills?/

Building from chrisgongs tutorials - CloudWatch Alarms Bills?


So I'm building my own custom code from Chris Gongs (CG) excellent YouTube GameLift tutorials, and I'm starting to get charged for something related to CloudWatch, Alarms. I go there and click Alarms, and I'm not sure if it is logs being generated for a certain lambda func, or ? I am currently testing my own lambda func run through the Gateway API which I think is the only thing triggering the charge, again built from CG's code. It's a small cost right now, but I'd like to understand what is causing it, decide if I need it or can turn it off in order to keep costs efficient for production.

The Billing says (I'm trying to work within the free tier as much as possible while learning): $0.10 per alarm metric month (standard resolution) - US West (Oregon)

0.935 Alarms


.. for the last couple days.

Can someone help me understand what is causing this? Thanks.

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2 Answers

I believe those cloudwatch alarms are specifically for the DynamoDB tables we made during that tutorial series. Since I made them provisioned instead of on-demand, cloudwatch alarms are created so that those tables can scale up or down read and write capacity units in the cases of rising or falling read and write traffic. For small-scale testing purposes, they probably aren't needed so the alarms can be deleted. Note that if you have a lot of variable traffic in a production setting, those alarms will probably be needed for provisioned capacity DyanmoDB tables.

answered a year ago

Thanks. I was thinking of deleting them to see if the cost's disappeared. Thanks for the confirmation.

answered a year ago

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