is it possible to trigger a sagmamker pipeline execution via event bridge?


I have a sagemaker pipeline code , currently run through a notebook , but i would like to hook it up to a evenbridge and trigger an execution. is it possible to do that , if yes, what permissions would i need and if there any samples of the event , that would be great

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Yes, it is possible to hook up a SageMaker pipeline code that is currently run through a notebook to an EventBridge and trigger an execution. To do this, you will need the following permissions:

  • Amazon EventBridge Full Access
  • Amazon SageMaker Pipelines Full Access

Once you have these permissions, you can create an EventBridge rule that triggers a SageMaker pipeline execution. The event that you use to trigger the execution can be any event that is supported by EventBridge. For example, you could use an S3 bucket event, a CloudWatch metric alarm, or a DynamoDB table change event.

To create an EventBridge rule that triggers a SageMaker pipeline execution, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the EventBridge console.
  2. In the Rules list, click Create Rule.
  3. In the Create Rule wizard, on the Step 1: Define the rule page, do the following:
    • For Rule name, enter a name for your rule.
    • For Event pattern, select the event that you want to use to trigger the execution.
    • For Target, select SageMaker Pipelines.
    • For Pipeline name, select the name of the pipeline that you want to execute.
    • For Parameters, specify any parameters that you want to pass to the pipeline.
  4. Click Next.
  5. On the Step 2: Configure details page, do the following:
    • For State, select Enabled.
    • For Description, enter a description for your rule.
    • For Tags, add any tags that you want to associate with your rule.
  6. Click Create.

Once you have created the rule, the next time an event that matches the event pattern occurs, the pipeline will be executed.

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answered a year ago

Once you have the pipeline built you can trigger the pipeline using Amazon EventBridge integration which supports both event based or schedule based events. Check the below link to setup using event bridge

answered a year ago

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