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How to troubleshoot `no data available` in IoT device defender metrics?


Followed the steps below to configure IoT device defender metrics.

  • Created security profile.
  • Attached several thing groups as target in the security profile.
  • Added the following additional metrics to retain.
    • Cloud metrics : messages sent, messages received scoped by dimensions
  • Did not add any behaviors
  • Checked the defender metrics in IoT console under specific things which belonged to the corresponding target thing groups.

Note: The device is publishing messages to IoT core using a custom python program based on paho-mqtt library.

Metrics are not available. It says "No data available".
How to troubleshoot?
Is it required to install AWS IoT device client on the device side?

1 Answer

Cloud-side metrics won't require any device client being installed.
Have you checked the topic filter in dimension? dimension will only filter out specific topic, see:
Have you tried to remove dimension in these metrics and see if you can get data. One more thing you can do is to use ListMetricValues api to get metrics value:

answered 23 days ago

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