ECS game servers are lagging. Where should I be looking for the issue?


I am running my Unity (2021.3.1f1) servers on ECS using Fargate. When I test the game, I run a single task with 1vCPU and 2GB of memory and I connect 2 clients to the server. The server tends to lag about every 3 seconds, making the game far less enjoyable. I have enabled Container Insights and I found that the CPU and memory usage was nowhere near the 50% mark and the task's network usage seemed fine to me as well. I am now wondering if this issue could be related to the AWS services I use and the way I have set them up or if I should be looking for the issue inside my network code.

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We run a lot of containers on ECS + Fargate and haven't seen anything like this. Granted, these aren't gaming servers, but we have fairly continuous network connections happening and never noticed anything like that.

Do you use other AWS Services? Do you perform synchronous sync to S3 or other storage systems that could lock your service until completion of the round trip?

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answered a year ago
  • I do not interact with any AWS service on the game servers. I'll take this as a sign to start looking into the server's netcode. Thanks for the answer.

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