How to make multiple SAM web apps from the same code base?


I built a webapp for 1 client using AWS sam. The code lives on a single git account and whenever I have changes to push, I use the SAM CLI to deploy the new changes. The app has a website, with a backend db.

I recently deployed another version of the same app for a 2nd client. The 2nd app has a unique website, with a unique backend db. Now to deploy changes I have been using the SAM CLI to update each app, using a different config-env for each app.

How would I go about scaling this up to 10 clients with 10 websites and 10 backend dbs, whilst maintaining one single codebase, without the need to run the update script 10 times?

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SAM CLI doesn't have the possibility to deploy several config-env in parallel. You probably need to create your own automation using tools like Github Actions, Jenkins, or GitLab Pipelines.

Alternatively move away from SAM and SAM CLI and use CloudFormation StackSets instead.

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answered a year ago

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