After reboot, nginx is running but no longer serves sites



I have a t2.small EC2 instance that has been running for months. I have nginx running as a reverse proxy and subdomains configured in route53 pointing to my EC2 instance. NGINX then routes the traffic to the proper application based on those subdomains. This has been working for months. I haven't SSH'd in all that time, I've changed NO configurations whatsoever. Today, I rebooted the EC2 instance and now NGINX no longer server the sites/applications. THe access/error for NGINX show nothing, and I can't ping my EC2 instance, it just times out. I do have the inbound rules for pinging in the securitty group attached to the instance. I don't even know how to begin to debug this considering it was working and nothing was changed. Any help would be appreciated, please let me know any additional info i can provide.

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2 Answers

I don't know what happened, but it just randomly started working an hour later

answered 2 years ago

Maybe it has to do something with the instance size?
Glad to know its working

answered 2 years ago

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