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Unable to refresh QuickSight Dataset



I inherited a QuickSight Dashboard, Analysis and Dataset from a colleague who is no longer with the organization. The dataset is based on a custom SQL pointing to a PostgreSQL database. I was granted ownership of the dataset. However, I am unable to refresh it because I receive the following error:

"You can't execute the custom SQL query because you don't have sufficient permissions to connect to the underlying data source."

I am perplexed, I do have access to the data source and it is a shared data source. What do I need to do to get the dataset to refresh?

Thank you.

1 Answer


Connect with your database by using other tool/jdbc etc. to figure out that with the same credentials you can access the data.

secondly verify that all the DB structures tables/view are in place again with this user you are making connection with DB.

Check your Region too.

answered 7 months ago

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