Can't migrate Classic Elastic IP with Reverse DNS to VPC Elastic IP


We're trying to move our infrastructure from EC2 Classic to VPC as requested by Amazon. We have an Elastic IP address with Classic scope which has a reverse DNS record associated with it (managed by Amazon) and we need to migrate this Elastic IP address to VPC. When we try we receive via the console we receive the message:

Elastic IP address could not be moved to VPC scope. Address with allocation_id:xxx has a PTR record set

How do we go about migrating this Elastic IP address to VPC?

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This might help. You have to contact your ISP to have the IP tied to the new domain name you assigned it. This isn't done in your domain DNS entries. If you have static IPs, just call them and tell them you need to update a reverse DNS PTR record for your IP address that represents your Elastic IP.

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Thanks, though the issue in this case is that Amazon assign the reverse DNS (PTR) entry as part of removing the restriction on the EC2 instance sending emails (see

In the end I solved it by using the form listed in that article and filling it in asking the Amazon team to remove the PTR record, or assign a PTR record for a new VPC-scope Elastic IP address we created. They seem to have done the latter, so I just need to fill the form in again to ask them to remove the PTR record from the Classic-scope Elastic IP address which will then allow me to release it.

answered 3 years ago

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