How to remove IPv4 public IP address from ec2 instances before February 2024? (IPv6)



I have assigned IPv6 to my VPC, along with other changes and assigned IPv6 addresses to my instances, it works well (i.e. internet connection).

But I want to remove the public IPv4 address of the instances to avoid being charged in February.

How can that be done?

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In order to deassociate the public IPv4 address, kindly follow these steps below.

  1. Create an ENI and attach it to the instance.
  2. Allocate an Elastic IP address using the below doc[1]
  3. Associate the Elastic IP to the primary ENI that has the public IP of the instance[2].
  4. Refresh the browser page and observe the instance public IP has changed to the new Elastic IP address.
  5. Disassociate the Elastic IP address from the primary ENI by following the below doc[3]
  6. Refresh the browser page again, and observe the instance public IP has been removed.
  7. Release the Elastic IP[4] and detach the ENI attached by the step #1.


[1] Elastic IP addresses - Allocate an Elastic IP address -

[2] Elastic IP addresses - Associate an Elastic IP address with an instance or network interface -

[3] Elastic IP addresses - Disassociate an Elastic IP address -

[4] Elastic IP addresses - Release an Elastic IP address -

answered 2 months ago
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reviewed 2 months ago
  • In my experience, this will work as long as the instance isn't stopped and started. If it is, a public IP address will be assigned again to the primary ENI.

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