Running .net application on ec2 windows instance


I have a .net windows application (exe) which I would like to run on my windows ec2 instance.

I can run it on my computer at home but it doesnt even load (no error or any message) when I try to run it.

The application connects to a remote api and database. (it has no publisher credentials)

I am new to this. What are the general /most common settings I am missing here to get it to work? Both aws and windows firewall settings for example.

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Couple questions - do you have .NET framework installed? Open Powershell to validate Also, if it needs to be hosted on IIS, make sure it is properly configured(permissions etc)

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answered a year ago

I offer you adding some debug code lines to your app to detect the cause of an error

or you can check eventviewer & application permissions (uac settings) etc. / security group settings

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answered a year ago

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