Why AWS is not allowing us to receive client inquiries on our website through emails?


We have recently migrated to AWS from the previous hosting provider. However, since then we have stooped receiving client inquiries put on our website, in the form of emails which we used to get seamlessly earlier.

We tried to contact them but were asked to pay for any technical support, so we did. We requested them to enable port 25 and they asked few questions like use-case for sending mail from EC2 and spam prevention mechanisms.

After successfully answering both the questions, they said "We have lifted the restriction for your account in the following > region(s): ap-south-1" - we didn't understand what it is. So check if the email function is working. But it wasn't. Therefore, we wore back to them saying that it is still not working.

To our surprise, they sent us this "After a thorough review, we confirmed our original finding and cannot grant your request. Please consider looking into the Simple Email Service (SES). We cannot assist you further with this issue and we may not respond to additional messages on this subject"

Since then, they are not responding. We are still wondering how can they deny helping us sort out the issue or at least explain properly why certain things are not feasible at their end. It is totally unacceptable to bound customers to keep purchasing additional services by sending such rude emails and poor customer support. Inquiry [xxxxxxx]

*Edit: Removed AWS Account ID - Ben G.

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Sorry for the frustration here.

While we're unable to share case details with you over this platform, I've taken a look into your case and can confirm it was addressed by our Support team.

Please respond to the email that was provided for further review, as I've relayed your concerns to our team.

Thank you for your patience.

  • Elle G.
answered a year ago

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