Successfully detected the MX record for subdomain but NOT WORKING



Received this email last thursday: Congratulations! Amazon SES has successfully detected the MX record required to use as a custom MAIL FROM domain for verified identity in AWS region US East (N. Virginia).

But nearly a week later my emails are still being sent with the following:


My settings are to use if no MX record is found - so this means that Amazon hasn't found the MX record for

I spoke to my web host (Bluehost) and they told me that the MX record good on their end - they suggest it is on your end.

Please help!


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1 Answer

For anyone in the future who has this problem - it's because I had my domain ( AND my email address for that domain ( validated. Amazon prioritised my email address instead of my domain. So I deleted my email address identity and that fixed the problem.

answered 4 years ago

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