504 Gateway Time-out when setting up Application Load Balancer


Hi, I am currently trying to set up an ec2 instance with Application load Balancer however I'm getting a 504 gateway time-out error. I have enabled apache keep alive settings with a greater number than the timeout setting of the ALB, just as indicated from AWS Doc. However the issue is persistent. I have checked that I'm using the same Security group which I am. The Listeners in my ALB are set to only the HTTPS and forwarded to my target group.When i visit the target group the health status details says " health checks failed ". What else can I check please ?

  • Also something which I would like to mention is that the security groups are set to use my ip only since its a staging website. I don't know if this would interfere with the connection of the ALB and security group

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It's not clear from your comment where you have set the security group. If the security group on the EC2 instance only allows connections from your IP address then the health check will fail because you must allow connections from the load balancer. You don't have to allow connections from your IP address because from the instance perspective, connections will appear to come from the load balancer.

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answered 2 years ago

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