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/connection to AWS t2 Micro service from 3CX/

connection to AWS t2 Micro service from 3CX


I have been using AWS to host Debian 10 to connect my 3CX accounts for our phone systems. All working fine. All of a sudden, when i go to create a new service on AWS and then connect to it from 3CX via the installer, I get the following message

An unknown error occured: User: arn:aws:iam::090946289178:user/ICT is not authorized to perform: servicequotas:GetServiceQuota on resource: arn:aws:servicequotas:ap-southeast-2:090946289178:ec2/L-34B43A08 because no identity-based policy allows the servicequotas:GetServiceQuota action

I have tried everything I can think of. Delete the AWS service and install again Create user in IAM Create key pairs add debian subscription. I am following the same path as when I setup the existing system which works fine.

I have also tried connecting with my other subscriptions to AWS and get the same message I also created a new AWS account and added a new subscription, IAM and Key pair there and got the same message.

3CX support has no idea what it is.

Can anyone shed some light here? David

1 Answers

The error message relates to the AWS IAM (Identity and Access Management) system. It's saying that the user you're logged in as (ICT) isn't authorised to call the GetServiceQuota API. Creating new keys; recreating an instance in the service you're using - these won't make any difference as they all refer back to IAM to ensure that you have permissions to perform the actions you request.

Something that you're doing (or some code that is running on your behalf) is calling out to the AWS Service Quota service - in order to make that call successfully you'll need to add permissions for your user to do that in the IAM console. It might be as simple as adding the AWS-managed ServiceQuotasReadOnlyAccess policy to your IAM user.

answered 2 months ago

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