How is bounce rate calculated?


AWS encourages customers to keep their bounce rates below 5%. Does 5% mean 5% of the total number of emails a customer can send per day? If not how then is it calculated. I need the answer to be explained as simply as possible. Thanks in advance.

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Quoting from our FAQ's

Q5. Over what period of time is my bounce rate calculated?
We don't calculate your bounce rate based on a fixed period of time, because different senders send at different rates. Instead, we look at a representative volume—an amount of email that represents your typical sending practices. To be fair to both high- and low-volume senders, the representative volume is different for each user and changes as the user's sending patterns change.

Q6. Can I calculate my own bounce rate by using the information from the Amazon SES console or the GetSendStatistics API?
No. The bounce rate is calculated using representative volume. Depending on your sending rate, your bounce rate can stretch farther back in time than the Amazon SES console or GetSendStatistics can retrieve. In addition, only emails to non-verified domains are considered when calculating your bounce rate. However, if you regularly monitor your bounce rates using those methods, you should still have a good indicator that you can use to catch problems before they get to levels that cause us to place your account under review or pause your account's ability to send email.

You can refer the below guide for more details.
Amazon SES Sending Review Process FAQs - Amazon SES Bounce FAQ -

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