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Unable to send event via EventBridge


I am trying to set up to receive alerts from Amazon EventBridge partners Selling Partner API (SP-API).

Through the api already created destination and subscriptions. Associated with the event bus and created an API destination, Created a role in which only the account was specified as a pattern, as described in the documentation:

  "account": [

to increase the chance of receiving an event at an endpoint represented by an external server.

I tried to create a custom bus, tied roles to it and tested it on several services, my own and

I tried to reproduce exactly the same actions as demonstrated in this video from the documentation

But not a single event reached the endpoint. Even what was exactly reproduced in the video above

Can you tell me the scheme in which an event is generated in the aws.partner/ bus and can be transmitted to an external service outside of AWS in the form of a webhook, according to the same principle as shown in the video from the documentation?

What needs to be taken into account when configuring where you can look for answers, I unfortunately reached a dead end, I will be grateful for any help.