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Hi all, I've been running 2 WorkSpaces with Linux Standard bundle with 80 GB Root and 50 GB User Volumes, running in AutoStop mode, for two days, with a total usage of 12 hours. Today I received an email from aws saying 'Your AWS account xxxxxxx has exceeded 85% of the usage limit for one or more AWS Free Tier-eligible services for the month of March', following a reference to an using of 1.74562036 Month when my limit is 2.0 Month. In my billing console the data I've got is this:

Amazon WorkSpaces EU-AW-HWL-1-AutoStop-Usage
$0/Hour-Hourly(Amazon Linux 2)-Standard-2vCPU,4GB Memory: 12.000 Hour
Amazon WorkSpaces EU-AW-HWL-1-AutoStop-User
$0/month-Hourly(Amazon Linux 2)-Standard-2vCPU,4GB Memory,80GB Root,50GB: 1.746 Month
Amazon WorkSpaces EU-AW-SWL-1
$0/month-Amazon Linux 2 Base-Basic utilities, Evolution, Firefox, LibreOffice: 1.746 Month

Can anybody tell me what does this '1.746 Month' refers to? Thanks in advance.

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I contacted Amazon support stuff and that data refers to the number of users active. I've got a limit of two users per month and I created two users, but as march had already started when I created them they are counted not as 2 users, but as 1.746 users. Quite confussing, but understandable :).


answered 2 years ago

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