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How to use JS SDK V3 to getItem from DAX: "@aws-sdk/client-dax" instead of "amazon-dax-client"


Is it possible to read from DAX with benefit of SDK V3 for JS usage? I would like to configure reading from specified DAX endpoint but I can't find any details how to do it. I only found following solution for SDK V2:

    var dax = new AmazonDaxClient({endpoints: ["DaxClusterEndpoint"], region: region})
    daxClient = new AWS.DynamoDB.DocumentClient({service: dax });

I can't use DocumentClient from SDK V3 to initialize it with AmazonDaxClient from SDK V3 and I also can't find any option to use "@aws-sdk/client-dax" with specified endpoint and then add it to DynamoDBDocumentClient from V3.

Any suggestions if it's even possible? With usage of AmazonDaxClient my lambda is getting big in size.

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@aws-sdk/client-dax does not currently support Data Plane operations, only Control Plane such as CreateCluster.

There is currently a feature request in place for Data Plane functionality, I will add you as a +1 to that request. There is currently no ETA for the feature release.

For now we suggest to use the AWS JS SDK V2.


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answered 8 months ago

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