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How to get FQDN of an instance without having an associated elastic IP



I'm currently working with a client to replace multiple instances of a wordpress site(one for each location) with a new web app I've been working on and I want to know how I can get the FQDN without an elastic IP? I need to get it without one as there will be more instances of the web app than the current limit of 5 Elastic IPs per account and I am unable to use a single IP for remapping as the sites already exist through another DNS provider(they are not ready to be changed yet) so that I can not create a hosted zone for the domain name.


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1 Answers

You can get the FQDN of any IP address using standard tools nslookup or dig. They are also shown in the AWS Console. You can also use a free service like to make up hostnames pointing to any IP address, for example, could be No configuration needed, you just create a hostname and as long as your IP appears immediately to the left of "" this just works. I assume there are others like it.

It isn't clear why exactly you would need the FQDN of a public IP address for what you are describing... intuition suggests that perhaps you are trying to solve the wrong problem. Can you clarify this need?

Also, 5 Elastic IP addresses is only the default limit per region. All you have to do is write a brief explanation of why you need more, and as long as the description includes a reasonable use case, support will increase the limit.

answered 5 years ago

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