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I have a matchmaking rule set for 100 players. i want backfill to have high priority over creating a new session. But I'm seeing that backfill priority is for only algorithm "extensivesearch". However, the documentation prefers "balanced" strategy for matchmaking games with above 40 players. I want to do matchmaking for 100 players with backfill priority as high. Can u suggest a possible way or a sample rule set for this?

In Rule set schema for large matches, u have given example with backfill priority along with balanced strategy. However, I am not able to do the same with balanced strategy. { "name": "string", "ruleLanguageVersion": "1.0", "playerAttributes":[{ "name": "string, "type": <"string", "number", "string_list", "string_number_map">, "default": "string" }], "algorithm": { "strategy": "balanced", "batchingPreference": <"largestPopulation", "fastestRegion">, "balancedAttribute": "string", "expansionAgeSelection": <"newest", "oldest">, "backfillPriority": <"normal", "low", "high"> }, "teams": [{ "name": "string", "maxPlayers": number, "minPlayers": number, "quantity": integer }], "rules": [{ "name": "string", "type": "latency", "description": "string", "maxLatency": number, "partyAggregation": <"avg", "min", "max"> }, { "name": "string", "type": "batchDistance", "batchAttribute": "string", "maxDistance": number }], "expansions": [{ "target": "string", "steps": [{ "waitTimeSeconds": number, "value": number }, { "waitTimeSeconds": number, "value": number }] }] }

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HI IndieGameDeveloperFromParallelWorld!

For large matches, backfillPriority is always high by default and there's no way to change that today (or set it for the balanced strategy). I understand our documentation doesn't make this clear, I will get this rectified. Apologies for the confusion here!

Regards, Shashank

answered 2 months ago

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