Setting up DCV connection gateway and DCV External authentication where do you define authenticationToken?


We will be setting up DCV Connection Gateway and one of the requirements is to also setup DCV External Authentication.

One part of DCV External Authentication is to pass in authToken, but since that request is now coming from the connection gateway (I am assuming), I don't specify the **authToken **as part of the request to the DCV connection gateway. Do I not worry about it and assume it the request is fine?

I would love to see an example of requests/responses in a complete sequence diagram from client to DCV gateway, session resolver, dcv server, dcv external authentication, etc. Thanks

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Thanks for reaching out. Great suggestion on the sequence diagram. We will work on it.

To answer your question, you should pass the authToken to the gateway. The gateway will propagating the token to the server.

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  • Also what is the size limit on the authToken?


Hello, the authToken is generated by you and its length will depend on the external authentication service you use. There are no limitations imposed by Nice DCV on the length of the token. However, as the token is passed as a URL parameter, there may be browser-specific limits on the length of the URL. I found a recent 3rd party blog post[1] dated April 12, 2022 which lists the maximum URL length for the most common web browsers.


answered 2 years ago

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