How do I disassociate a a Database Proxy from a Lambda function?


Hi. I've a associated a database proxy to a lambda function. Now I need the proxy to be removed from that function. I do not see any remove button (only the Add database proxy button), so how can I remove it without deleting the proxy itself?

remove db proxy from lambda

Thank you in advance.

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You can disassociate the Database Proxy by removing the IAM policy for that proxy (rds-db:connect permissions) in the Lambda function's execution role.

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answered 2 months ago

To remove related associations, also use the deregister-db-proxy-targets command.

aws rds deregister-db-proxy-targets
    --db-proxy-name proxy_name
    [--target-group-name target_group_name]
    [--target-ids comma_separated_list]       # or
    [--db-instance-identifiers instance_id]       # or
    [--db-cluster-identifiers cluster_id]
answered 2 months ago

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