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/I want to reduce outbound traffic cost from S3 bucket to internet/

I want to reduce outbound traffic cost from S3 bucket to internet


my website users stream and download large video files (static content) from my AWS S3 bucket. I know If I use CloudFront then 1st TB transfer is free. But my traffic is 10-20 TB per month and I want to minimize this cost. Please share recommended best practices for reducing costs.

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With CloudFront, you get extra benefits in addition to better Data Transfer rates, in terms performance, security and serving of your traffic closer to your users; and you can also save up to 30% additionally with the Savings Bundle - - it's a similar concept like Reserved Instances or Savings Plans, if you commit to a certa amount of traffic for 1yr.

Additionally, check the CloudFront pricing page here - - regarding possibility to commit to a private pricing rate if your monthly usage is at least 10Tb (which I understand it its...) which will likely give you even better discount than Savings Bundle in return for a commitment certain amount of usage usually, for 1yr time. You would generally discuss it with your AWS account manager, or if you don't know them - you can fill in the Contact Us form (link provided on the pricing page).

answered a month ago

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