Lightsail instances - Has there been a change to “launch mode” burst capacity for new instances?


I have created a new Lightsail instance and there is no “launch mode” burst capacity. Burst starts at 0%. All my existing Lightsail instances upon start receive a launch mode burst capacity of between 20% to 40% so they can be used immediately. Question: How can I enable launch mode burst capacity on newly created Lightsail instances?

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According to your question, you are curious about CPU burst capacity on Lightsail instances.

You can see that when a new instance is created, the burst capacity is shown below:


[+] Viewing instance burst capacity in Amazon Lightsail (Lightsail)

If I have missed anything or answered wrong, please feel free to ask me again. Also you have any questions, comment please!

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answered 9 months ago
  • Hi, My question is that my existing instances start with a 40% burst capacity when first started. See this screenshot for an example: I have created a new instance and this behaviour is missing as per your screen shot it now starts with 0% burst capacity. What setting do I need to change to enable this initial 40% burst capacity to be available? Thanks, Adam

  • There is no such setting to change launch burst capacity. Even without it your instances will function and be usable since launch.

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