Is it redundant to have an EC2 instance and its EBS volumes in the same AWS Backup resource assignment?


I have an EC2 instance with two EBS volumes attached. The EC2 instance and EBS volumes share a common tag, and I have an AWS Backup resource assignment for that tag. When I look at the details of the backup jobs associated with the backup plan, I see that the size of the backup job for the EC2 instance is the sum of the backup sizes of the EBS volumes. Am I effectively backing up the same data twice? Is it advisable to not backup the EBS volumes if I'm already backing up the EC2 instance?

  • Why do you have two EBS volumes? Maybe try one with S3 snapshots as they're incremental. You can even create EBS volumes in another AZ from those snapshots.

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According to this link:

By default, AWS Backup creates crash-consistent backups of Amazon EBS volumes that are attached to an Amazon EC2 instance. Crash consistency means that the snapshots for every Amazon EBS volume attached to the same Amazon EC2 instance are taken at the exact same moment. You no longer have to stop your instances or coordinate between multiple Amazon EBS volumes to ensure crash-consistency of your application state.

Since multi-volume, crash-consistent snapshots are a default AWS Backup functionality, you don’t need to do anything different to use this feature.

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