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/Error on Dashboard "An error occurred" and unable to create instance due to "Error loading AMI data"./

Error on Dashboard "An error occurred" and unable to create instance due to "Error loading AMI data".


I am unable to create an instance. Getting "Error loading AMI data" while creating instance. Also in dashboard getting error "An error occurred retrieving ..."

Also I see the below error on EC2 Dashboard.

Supported platforms

  • An error occurred
  • An error occurred retrieving supported platforms

Default VPC

  • An error occurred
  • An error occurred checking for a default VPC

Service health

  • An error occurred
  • An error occurred retrieving service health information

Scheduled events

  • An error occurred
  • There was an error while checking for scheduled events
1 Answers


When your ec2 instances fail to launch due to issues with our AMI, it could be either:

  1. The AMI ID does not exist
    • The AMI might have been deleted after creating the launch template of configuration
    • Solution would be to create a new launch template using a valid AMI
  2. AMI might have been created by taking a snapshot of a running instance or any other way and it might not be available yet
    • Solution would be to wait for your AMI to be available before creating a launch template
  3. The AMI used to launch the instance doesn't support the selected instance type.
    • Solution would be to check the AMI descriptions in the AWS documentation before selecting the instance type or family, see reference [1].

Please do make sure that the AMI you are trying to use is available in the region where you want to launch your instance and make sure that the service you are using to launch the instance has neccessary access permissions to the AMI.

If none of the above factors are the cause of the problem, then more details of the ami and how you launch the instance will be needed in order to dive deep and find the root of the problem.



answered 22 days ago

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