Root user: Lambda console "Create Function" AccessDeniedException


When I open Lambda console as a root user, I immediately get a 403 error in web console and a red empty bar appears on top. After that when I click "Create Function", web console shows AccessDeniedException: null message for both Root user and Administrative Access user. If I try to create function anyways, nothing happens.

SCPs are disabled.

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Without asking any questions, it sounds straight away you may have an SCP defined at an Org level preventing either the creation of Lambda and/or denying creating of anything in the region you are using.

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answered 12 days ago
  • Thank you for the response but my account is new and I did not add any SCPs. I checked and SCPs are disabled.


There are a lot of other questions about this issue including this one - the short version: Please contact the support team.

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answered 12 days ago
  • I have subscribed for tech support, since this is my individual account.

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