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Couldn't retrieve verification key from your identity provider


I have created an OIDC provider in IAM.

The url is:
The configuration is accessible at:
From there you can get the jwks_uri and go here:

The "iss" in the claims is: "" and is apparently matched. I can change the url value in the provider and get the "No OpenIDConnect provider found" error.

Upon attempting an action via the api passing a valid JWT in the WebIdentityCredentials with the roleArn that trusts the OIDC provider I receive the error: Couldn't retrieve verification key from your identity provider, please reference AssumeRoleWithWebIdentity documentation for requirements

Can anyone explain why I am receiving this error? I have reviewed the suggested documentation and have not come across any help.

2 Answers

Any luck solving this? I see the same.

answered a year ago

Hi. I am also hitting this issue with EKS. Is there any more documentation on how to solve?

answered 10 months ago

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