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We have a single VPC that up until now we controlled access to an EC2 instance via firewall rules permitting a static IP from specific company offices. We now have a need to have a freelance developer get access to the EC2 instance, but we do not want to give access to our corporate remote access nor do they have a static IP.

I'm attempting to setup client VPN into the VPC. We have gotten as far as connecting, but can't seem to get access to the EC2 instance via SSH (or even ping it).

Example IPs:
EC2 default gateway
Client VPN IP

I'm able to ping (the VPC default gateway) from both the EC2 instance and the client VPN, so this gives me the impression that the routing is setup correctly. I cannot ping the EC2 instance from the client VPN. The default route on the EC2 instance is, so it shouldn't require any routing back to the client VPN network.

We setup ingress rules on the security group associated with the VPC to allow ICMP and SSH from, but no joy.

Any suggestions on where to look next?

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Disregard. Turns out I had to add the VPC subnet to the ingress rules because the client VPN is NATed.

answered 3 years ago

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