Instance stuck in STOPPING state


This morning (Sep 5th 2022), about 1h ago, our US-EAST-1 instance became unreachable. We tried a reboot, but it didnt work. Then we tried to STOP the instance, and the instance is now stuck in the STOPPING state. I have this instance and similar instances (almost exact copies) for around 9 years and this never happened to any instance. shows 0 issues, Ive been refreshing it every minute and no issues show up.

Can we please get someone to look it over and assist?

Instance ID: i-02fe70b75993a

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1 Answer

Nevermind, right after I submitted the question, I refreshed and it had finally stopped, so I started it again and it's now working. Certainly a hardware/site issue, but why wasnt it shown on AWS status panel? Or why didnt I get an automatic email saying a site issue might be affecting my instance? Oh well... total downtime of about 1h05min

answered 3 months ago

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