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I am an Italian user. I send clean emails with correct and verified contents. I get this message every now and then:

Action: failed Remote-MTA: dns; Final-Recipient: rfc822; (I removed the address) Diagnostic-Code: Amazon SES did not send the message to this address because it is on the suppression list for your account. For more information about removing addresses from the suppression list, see the Amazon SES Developer Guide at Status: 5.1.1

I have looked at the documentation but unfortunately my technical knowledge is poor. I would like to understand if there is a simple method to see the list of suppressed addresses and if it is possible to delete them or report them for correct delivery of emails. If someone, maybe Italian, could give me a hand, I would be grateful.

I await your indications, all the best

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Suppression list in AWS SES avoids sending emails to addresses that have previously resulted in bounce or complaint events. This feature is designed to protect the sender’s reputation and enhance message delivery rates.

To view the list of emails that are under SES Suppression List, you run the following AWS CLI command:

aws sesv2 list-suppressed-destinations

To list specific address that are in suppression list:

aws sesv2 list-suppressed-destinations | grep -A2 ''

To remove email addresses from SES suppression list:


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