Feature Request Increase DynamoDB transaction limit count from 25


Over time AWS is doing a fantastic job of continually offering improved compute, memory and storage options and resources. However, the current service limits in DynamoDB, in particular the limit of 25 items per transaction is I would say very low. If you need good transactionality above this level you are limited in your options. For that reason I am proposing an increase to something in the realm of 100.

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Hi, Thanks for reaching out with your feature request. There is already a feature request in place for this feature and I will add you as a +1 to it. However, please be mindful we cannot provide you with an ETA on when or if the feature will be released. Please keep an eye on our blog https://aws.amazon.com/new/ for all new release announcements.


DynamoDB transactions now support 100 items for both read and write transactions:


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answered 2 years ago

Many thanks and I fully understand in regards to the ETA. Is the feature request internally viewable only? If it is public could you provide a link so I can track and so others can +1.

answered 2 years ago
  • Yes, the feature request is only viewable internally I'm afraid. Rest assured I have added your voice.

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