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/Using Python script to automate Routing Profile change/

Using Python script to automate Routing Profile change


I have created a Python script with Selenium to read data (like alias, routing profile name) from real-time routing profile change request SIMs coming from Operations team and then going to the Amazon Connect and change the existing routing profile selection for that particular alias to the requested routing profile and then coming back to the SIM and resolving it with comments. This is to automate our real-time SIM requests. This Python script will interact with the Amazon Connect web application using keys (TAB, SHIFT, SPACE, ENTER, etc) to do its job and use xpaths to interact with the SIM-C portal elements. Do I need any special permissions from the Amazon Connect team to use/run this script? Can anyone help me with this question?

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Hi there! This type of automation is quite common. You'll need IAM permissions to access the requisite Amazon Connect resources via SDK or API. Check out this documentation link that discusses available Resources in IAM for Amazon Connect:

answered a month ago

Doing this via Selenium is not the best approach, look at the API to do everything you're looking for.


answered 12 days ago

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