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We have trying to use the animation clips inside one of our 3D models in Sumerian, to be used in a model showcase. But, the animation clips in our model do not sho up in Sumerian, but, can be seen in the model using other rendering softwares. Is there any procedure to add our animations to the models in Sumerian, how do we add legacy animations to our model, is there any specific procedure to create the animation clips supported in Sumerian?
Your help is greatly appreciated.
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Hi there!

Have you followed the recommended workflow for animation clips here?

Are there any errors or warnings generated in the console when attempting to import the assets?

answered 2 years ago

Only after making skeleton-mesh based animations, with Segment Scale Compensate turned off, we could see our model animations in Sumerian.
This is a workaround, and we would rather want our own animations being played rather than making something that suits your platform.
Also, we posted here after going through the online documentation on Sumerian.
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answered 2 years ago

Hi, I have the same problem. I need to export a 3DSMax scene of industrial automation but Sumerian don't import the animation.
Do you have resolved?
Thank you

answered 2 years ago

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