Is there any way to download the recommended lists of users as bulk when using AWS-Personalize (specifically using user-personalization)


Hi guys, I am using the user-personalization recipe in Amazon Personalize to build a recommendation system. I am wondering if there is any way to download the recommended lists of users as bulk, and also wondering if I can get the result of true class(if it's truly recommended for the user). Cuz, there is only value indicators like ndcg and precision. However, I wanna see through my eyes what is happening inside of the black box(user-personalization).

Thank you.

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The offline metrics provided by Personalize are meant to provide an overall directional sense of how the solution version performed against held out data from your interactions dataset. If you want to do your own inspection of recommendations generated by a solution version, you can create a batch inference job across a sample of users (or all users). Then you can inspect and analyze the recommendations in the output file across the users in the input file.

If you're looking to identify users that have a affinity for an item or item attributes, take a look at the new user-segmentation feature.

answered a year ago

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