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Hello, I have a question about creating the AppFlow connection. When I try to create the connection to Redshift serverless using the AppFlow, an error occurs and it fails. The Redshift serverless has two workgroups, one in the public subnet and the other in the private subnet, the public subnet workgroup has Publicy accessible turned on. the private subnet has a route to NAT gateway. However, the same error occurs because the AppFlow cannot connect to either workgroup. Is this a the Redshift serverless network configuration issue? Or is there a problem with the IAM role for data api specified by the AppFlow? Error Message : Error while communicating to connector: The test connection request failed due to connector timed out.

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This issue has been resolved, thankyou.

answered 5 months ago
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reviewed 4 months ago
  • Hello Hid,

    Could you please share how did you managed to resolve this ? Thanks, Lakx


Hello Lakx, There was an error in the tag condition specified in the policy that allows the AppFlow to access the Redshift serverless using DataAPI. The error could be resolved by changing the tag key in the Redshift serverless workgroup. Thank you, Hid.

answered 5 months ago

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