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Does RDS/Aurora for postgresql support cron.task_running_timeout


When trying to add the cron.task_running_timeout to increase the timeout for pg_cron I am getting the error:

Error: error modifying DB Cluster Parameter Group: InvalidParameterValue: Could not find parameter with name: cron.task_running_timeout Does this mean the parameter is unsupported on RDS? Do I need to set the parameter at the session level?


2 Answers

To answer your query, I would like to mention that the parameter ‘cron.task_running_timeout’ is not available currently for either RDS for PostgreSQL or Aurora for PostgreSQL. You can also verify the same by referring the below documents that state all the custom parameters currently available for RDS and Aurora for PostgreSQL:

[+] RDS for PostgreSQL DB instance parameter list:

[+] Aurora PostgreSQL cluster-level parameters:

[+] Aurora PostgreSQL instance-level parameters:

As the parameter is not supported currently for RDS/Aurora for PostgreSQL, hence you are facing the below mentioned error while modifying the parameter in the parameter group:

‘Error: error modifying DB Cluster Parameter Group: InvalidParameterValue: Could not find parameter with name: cron.task_running_timeout’

Moreover, as you have also asked whether you need to set the parameter on the session level, I would like to inform that as per the architecture of PostgreSQL, you need to modify the timing task timeout time by setting the guc parameter cron.task_running_timeout in postgresql.conf and restarting the database to take effect.

However, RDS/Aurora being a managed database service, it is not possible to have root access of the database to modify the config file of the DB engine. Hence, currently the parameter ‘cron.task_running_timeout’ cannot be modified by the user for RDS/Aurora for PostgreSQL.

In case, the parameter is made available for modification in the future, you can find the same listed in the parameter lists whose reference links have been provided above.

answered 2 months ago

Thank you for your incredibly detailed answer. I appreciate it!

answered 2 months ago

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