Expensive GPU EC2 instances consistently take a long time to terminate after power down



e.g. i-09458427c9b51b6f9 or i-07a81d23b834d67a3 which were both g3s.xlarge was stuck for about 10 mins in shutting-down, after "power down" can be seen in the serial console.

Power down is the last thing that the kernel logs - so by this point all the various system scripts had completed. I think perhaps there might be an issue in the virtualization layer, as it shouldn't take this long to recognise that the kernel has terminated. These 10 unusable minutes are billable - so its a fairly expensive bug - at least $0.12 per instance (if using on-demand pricing)

Thanks for taking a look.



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AWS charges only for instances that are in running state which is mentioned here.


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answered 5 months ago
  • Thanks! - I had read that page - but didn't see that line at all. It is still kind of a problem though - as instances in shutting-down do still take up instance quota, so it would be good to understand what takes so long.

  • AWS Support should be able to help with answering why it takes time. But you do have the option to increase quota limits

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