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Starting with Amazon GameLift


Hi guys! I'm starting to use Amazon GameLift with Unreal Engine, learning about dedicated servers, so I was reading documentation but I don't understand when billing starts or if I can do this practice using some free tier. So if someone with experience in Amazon GameLift billing can provide me with any information, I'll appreciate it. Thanks!

asked 8 months ago9 views
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In terms of hosting costs, each fleet in GameLift has a configurable amount of ec2 instances aka virtual machines that run one or more of your unreal engine dedicated server executable. You are charged for the cumulative amount of time that your instances are running for. The price of instance running time per hour is based off the instance type, Linux vs Windows, and whether it's part of an On-Demand or Spot fleet. The exact prices can be found here,

The free tier covers up to 125 hours of c5.large On-Demand instance (Linux or Windows) usage per month for the first year of your AWS account.

answered 7 months ago

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